Ulster GAA County Colours

We take a look at how all the Ulster GAA Counties ended up with their county colours.

Ulster GAA County Colours

Antrim GAA Colours/Aontroim – Saffron and White
Taken from the famous Glenarm Shauns GAA Club, the saffron and white of Antrim GAA was worn from the start of inter-county competitions.

Armagh GAA Colours /Ard Mhacha – Orange and White

Armagh GAA once wore the same colours as Kilkenny.  In 1926 they wore orange jerseys specially knitted for them by the Dominican nuns in Omeath, Co Louth for the All Ireland Junior semi-final against Dublin. They have worn these colours ever since.

Cavan GAA Colours /An Cabhàn – Blue and White
In 1910 Cavan GAA adopted royal blue as its colours. Up until then club colours were used when representing the county. The white was introduced in 1947 for the All Ireland senior football final against Kerry, in the famous match that took place in the Polo Grounds in New York.

Derry GAA Colours /Doire – Red and White
Derry had always worn red. In their 1947 National League victory over Clare they wore white jerseys with a red hoop. These colours or the reverse have been used.

Down GAA Colours /An Dún – Red and Black
Down wore red jerseys initially but in the early 20’s this changed to a blue jersey with white trim. They reverted to red but with black collar and cuffs in 1933.

Donegal/Dún na nGall – Green and Gold

Donegal up until the mid 1960’s wore green jerseys with a hoop but changed to a gold jersey for a short period in the late 70’s. What we see today was adopted for their All Ireland run in 1992.

Fermanagh GAA Colours /Fear Manach – Green and White
Fermanagh GAA traditionally wore green and this was often with a white hoop. These colours reflected early county champions Teemore GAA Club. In 1935 the white collar and cuffs were introduced. In the early 1980’s they adopted green jersey with red trim and red shorts but soon reverted back to their tradional colours.

Monaghan GAA Colours/Muineachán – Blue and White
Monaghan GAA first introduced official county colours in 1915, a white jersey with blue sash, then band was introduced. A brief change to black and amber followed in 1933 but by mid 1940’s the original white with blue trim returned.

Tyrone GAA Colours /Tír Eoghain – White and Red

The Tyrone red and white has been used since the mid 1920’s. The red comes from the county crest and the red hand of the O’Neills clan.

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