Munster GAA County Colours

Munster GAA Counties colours all explained.

Munster GAA County Colours

Kerry GAA Colours /Ciarraí – Green and Gold
Kerry GAA unlike most other counties had county colours very early, and up to 1903 they wore red with some green. After their first match in the All Ireland final with Kildare was abandoned after a pitch invasion following a controversial goal, they drew a second match following a brilliant game. They changed their colours to green and gold and won their first All Ireland crown in the third game. The colours have stayed ever since

Clare GAA Colours /An Clàr – Saffron and Blue
Clare had worn yellow and blue jerseys from their establishment, their first All Ireland below was wearing a saffron jersey with blue sash. These reflect the colours of Tulla GAA Club, their first GAA club. Around 1920 the present hoop replaced the sash.

Cork GAA Colours /Corcaigh – Red and White
After British authorities confiscated their original saffron and blue jerseys, Cork County Board had to borrow a set of red and white jerseys for a fixture. Since then these have been the county colours.

Limerick GAA Colours /Luimneach – Green and White
Limerick GAA wore the green jerseys of county champions Newcastle West in the All Ireland of 1918, with a white sash with Limerick stitched into it. The present colours were adopted officially in 1924

Waterford GAA Colours /Port Láirge – White and Blue
Waterford initially used a blue jersey with white cuffs. In 1930’s this was reversed to white jersey with blue trims.

Tipperary GAA Colours /Tiobraid Árann – Blue and Gold
Tubberadora are a well known Tipperary GAA club and their influence is seen in the club colours being adopted by the county in 1925. Up till then county champions jerseys were worn.

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