Leinster GAA County Colours

Ever wonder how your GAA county got its colours?

Here is a brief outline of all the Leinster GAA Counties got their colours.

Leinster GAA County Colours


Dublin GAA Colours /Áth Cliath – Sky Blue and Navy
Up until 1918 Dublin GAA wore the colours of the county champions. In that year sky blue from the crest was adopted as the county colour along with white collar and white shorts. The change to the present sky blue and navy took place in 1974.

Carlow GAA Colours /Ceatharlach – Green, Red and Yellow
Like most counties, Carlow GAA up to 1910 used the colours of the county champions in representative football. The current colours came from a set of jerseys presented to the county team that year of green jerseys with red and yellow hoops. These colours remain to this day.

Kilkenny GAA Colours /Cill Chainnigh- Black and Amber
There had been much dispute within Kilkenny about the colours that the county should wear. As early as 1893 Kilkenny GAA first wore the black and amber, but it was never officially adopted and teams wore club jerseys mostly. It was with the All Ireland win of 1911 that the famous colours were adopted as the official colours.


Kildare GAA Colours /Cill Dara – All White
Clane GAA Club were the outstanding club in Kildare GAA at the turn of the 20th century, and the distinctive all white we currently associate with Kildare GAA were the Clane colours.

Wicklow GAA Colours /Cill Mhantáin – Blue and Gold.

Up until the 1930’s Wicklow GAA traditionally wore green jerseys following Bray Emmets GAA Club 1901 All Ireland club triumph, wearing a green jersey. Blue with a gold hoop was then adopted and remained until a change to their current style in 1970. 

Westmeath GAA Colours /An Iarmhí – Maroon and White
Westmeath GAA wore green, often with a white hoop in the early years. This then changed to a maroon jersey with saffron sash, which was later dropped and the present colours have been used from the 1930’s.

Laois GAA Colours – Blue and White
The blue jersey plus white hoop of Laois GAA was adopted in 1932. Prior to this they wore the county champions jerseys, their one All Ireland was in the black and amber hoops of Ballygeehan GAA Club.

Wexford GAA Colours /Loch Garman – Purple and Gold
It is not possible to trace details of how Wexford choose purple as a colour but it seems it was introduced in 1913. The amber seems to come from various key clubs within the county who wore amber in the early days.


Longford/An Longfort – Blue and Gold.

A royal blue jersey with a gold sash was introduced in 1918 by Longford GAA, before this club jerseys were used. In the 1930’s the sash disappeared and replaced with gold trim on their jerseys.

Louth GAA Colours /An Lú – Red and White.

Dundalk Young Irelands GAA Club competed in the first All Ireland for Louth in 1887, wearing red and white and the county has adopted these colours every since – simple!!

Meath GAA Colours /An Mhí – Green and Gold
Since 1908 Meath GAA have been identified with green and gold. In the 1940’s the current green with gold trim was introduced.

Offaly GAA Colours /Uíbh Fhailí – Green, White and Gold
After a competition in Leinster, Offaly GAA won the rights to use the new national colours. In recent years there have been various forms of the colours with perhaps the most iconic and famous was that worn in the early 1980’s.

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