Connaught GAA County Colours

If you are from the West take a look at where your GAA county got it colours from.

Connaught GAA County Colours

Galway GAA Colours /Gaillimh – Maroon and White

The choice of maroon for Galway GAA isn’t apparent; they initially used the county champions’ colours in competition. The present colours were adopted in 1936.

Leitrim GAA Colours /Liatroim – Green and Gold
Most GAA counties through lack of resources used the county champions jerseys in the early years. This was the case with Leitrim GAA up to 1918 when green and gold were adopted, usually green with gold hoop. This was amended in 1990’s and they now play in green with a gold trim

Mayo GAA Colours /Maigh Eo – Green and Red
Mayo like most counties used county champions jerseys before adopting the current colours in early 1950’s as they won their All Irelands. Early versions had white collar and cuffs.

Roscommon GAA Colours /Ros Comáin – Primrose and Blue

Roscommons current colours date back to the All Ireland final in 1943. Various jerseys and colours were used prior to this – black and white and blue with yellow sash then band.

Sligo GAA Colours /Sligeach – Black and White

The reason behind Sligo GAA wearing black jerseys isn’t known but comes from the early 20th century. A white band was later introduced and since the early 1970’s a white jersey has been worn.

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