GAA History

Ours is a rich GAA history, no other national sports can be so closely linked to the fundamental social and political development of a country than the national sports of the Gaelic Athletic Association in Ireland.


It is a GAA history we are proud of, the fabric of the local community and the national identity.

We here at GAA-DNA realise how deep the GAA is in the blood of Ireland and over the coming months we will focus on many aspects of its history both ancient and modern and its impact on Ireland.

Many articles will be of specific events and we will even highlight many great matches from yesteryear.

GAA History

GAA History - Warts and All

Our GAA history, like the history of any organisation was not always smooth and we will try our best to be objective and provide the facts.







Linked with our GAA Timeline of main GAA events we hope to cover many aspects of our GAA history in a bright new interactive prospective with GAA quizes and GAA crosswords to help educate and create some fun.

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