NO ONE is born with an iron will

NO ONE is born with a lack of stamina to follow through on decisions

Self Discipline must be learnt

In sport as in life we must learn to forego short term pleasure for long term happiness.

Short Term Pleasure – long term pain


A Club Championship medal is forever

A high score on FIFA 14 is soon forgot!


Think of self-discipline as a muscle. The more you use it and exercise it, the stronger it will become.

But be careful, try to do to much to soon and you are sure to fail. You must build up self discipline as you would any muscle, with patience and motivation.

Self Discipline

Wnat can you do to improve self-discipline?

Well do not try and do a marathon in a week!!

As the muscle analogy suggests build up your self discipline and start at the start.

Choose three things to accomplish tomorrow. They do not need to be world changing just do them and most importantly complete them.


  • Get up earlier in the morning
  • Do an extra 15 minutes in the gym
  • Do not take any sugar in your tea tomorrow

It does not matter what the goals are, the important thing is to complete them and therein lies the key to building self-discipline.


Make sure you finish the goals you set yourself

Now you immediately start working the self-discipline muscle.

Now set different personal goals for another day and again achieve these, you must complete your daily goals. Through this you start to gain self respect for yourself and then it flows.

Now try some weekly goals and again the key is to complete the goals you set yourself.

Build, Build, Build, all the time your self-discipline muscle is growing.

See your levels of self-discipline as something you can actively learn and train yourself to achieve and constantly improve.

If you fail to complete a goal, it is not fate – it happens.

Get back up and work that muscle.

There is no end to what you can achieve in GAA and in life in general by following the self-discipline code.