Sports Institute GAA Warm Up

Recent work at the Sports Institute of Northern Ireland in conjunction with the University of Ulster and top GAA coaches has lead to the creation of the Activate GAA Warm Up Programme.

Strong evidence demonstrates that by coaching movement and running skills, increasing leg and trunk strength and by optimising landing, cutting and deceleration mechanics we can significantly reduce injuries to the groin, hamstring, knee and ankle injuries.

My own club has adopted the activate warm up schedule and clubs need to put aside 30 minutes initially to coach players in the structure and components of the programme but when players are familar with the components it can be reduced to 20 minutes.

Since its incorporation into our pre match preparation strains, tears and pulls have been greatly reduced.

See Sports Institute of Nortern Ireland Activate GAA Warm-up details

Activate GAA Warm up

A Major Step Forward In GAA Injury Prevention

The site offers tutorials and videos on how to incorporate the programme into your teams preparations from set up through to complrtion.

This programme is highly recommended for all coaches and players at senior level in any code of our GAA games.

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