GAA sportsmen and women require the best in nutrition if they are to cope with the huge commitment today’s GAA games require and there is none better than spinach.

Added to curries, soups or salads spinach provides an instant last-minute health boost. It is the ultimate no-fuss addition to your meal.

It ranks among the world’s healthiest vegetables with some of the highest concentrations of nutrients and vitamins –

  • over 375% of your vitamin A,
  • over 80% of your recommended daily intake of manganese,
  • 65% of your folate, and over 1000% of your vitamin K.

What’s more, it’s been linked to lowered rates of prostate cancer by a study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. Just try to get yours fresh: canning or tinning destroys almost all of the health benefits due to a long and very hot cooking process.


Use our simple, quick recipes below to boost your daily nutrition intake.



Sweet potato and spinach salad with smoked mackerel

Cut 2 large sweet potatoes into 1cm cubes.

Toss with a little olive oil, some ground allspice, cayenne pepper or paprika and salt and pepper.

Roast in an oven at 180°C for 20 minutes or so, until you can squish a piece between your fingers.

Make a quick dressing with runny honey, wholegrain mustard, a little olive oil and vinegar.

Toss the sweet potato with the spinach and flake in some smoked mackerel.

Pour over the dressing and serve, adding some finely sliced red chilli if you like.

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