Protect from the dreaded tear, the scourge of GAA teams.

How You Damage It.

By tearing either end of the hamstring when you’re running at a steady pace and suddenly put in a burst of speed.

By tearing the middle of the hamstring. If a player increases intensity suddenly (turning n twisting in a tackle), the muscle can tear.

By over extension of the leg in the act of kicking or when fatigued can produce a tear.


A ruptured hamstring makes a popping sound at the time of injury.

A torn hamstring will leave a gap in the muscle which can be felt.

A strained hamstring will be painful when stretched or contracted, usually with dark swelling behind the knee and tender points at either end of the muscle.

What will I do if it goes?

If you feel a twinge when warming up, stop immediately and stretch thoroughly.

If you feel it ‘go’ then stop immediately and head for the sidelines. If the injury is minor then use the RICE method for the first 48 hours, followed by 2/3 weeks of rest and stretching.

If it is a moderate Hamstring injury then you will need physio unfortunately and a recovery programme.

If it ruptures then you are in for a prolonged period of recovery and even possibly surgery. This is were your GAA membership comes into its own.

How Long will I be Out

Strains and Tears: 2 to 8 weeks of sofa time with a good GAA book and carrying the water bottles at matches.

Severe Tears can mean 3 to 4 months away and its time to offer your services to the Under 12’s who are short of help!!

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