High Intensity Stress in GAA

In todays modern GAA world the demands on the body are increasing steadily.

Many players in all codes are being asked to train 3 or 4 times a week with possibly 2 or even 3 high intensity matches as well.

  • School
  • University
  • Club
  • County
  • Work

Some or all of the above combine to create great stresses on the human body.

In our GAA INJURIES section we intend to look at specific problems particular to our sports and look at ways we can manage these injuries.

In sub sections we will look at the UPPER BODY areas and the LOWER Body areas and in this way build up a library of information specifically geared to GAA Athletes.




Prevention of GAA Injuries

A key area will be in helping prevent injuries occurring. We will offer advice and useful tips to stop common injuries occuring as well as practical advice to those with specific injuries.

The key is to minimise the time a player is sidelined and realise the correct recovery time to allow your body to recover.

We hold dear the ethos of player welfare in all our articles.

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