There as many theories on fitness and how this fits the requirement of a GAA player as there are coaches. A few issues are clear to all, todays games are about physical strength and cardio fitness.

The modern player in any GAA code must be able to sustain high energy levels for a full sixty or seventy minutes to succeed.

Regular training regimes of three, four, five and more sessions a week test the body and the mind of every GAA player, no matter at which level they perform.


GAA Fitness

Stress and Strain on the GAA Body and Mind

Over the coming months we will build up a concise library of topics and articles totally dedicated to appoaching the area of fitness from a GAA perspective.

As you can see on the right hand side we have broken down the whole issue of GAA FITNESS into 4 broad sub categories:



Each we believe have a major impact on GAA fitness of mind and body.

In particular we intend to look at the mind of the modern GAA player, the stresses and pressures and the full commitment they need to compete in todays modern GAA sports. We will attempt to educate and support GAA players in how best to remain focused and tuned to a maximum level to reach their peak performance when it is most needed. 

GAA Coaches Own Words

We will welcome words of wisdom from coaches and players who experience the stresses and strains of working week in week out for that elusive GAA Championship title.

GAA Fitness articles Coming Soon:

Techniques to train your brain

Achilles Problems

The pain in Division 4



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