Gaa Grump - The Back Door System

This Month the GAA Grump bemoans the loss of the knockout format of the GAA Championship, the back door and the talk of looking a Champions League Format.

GAA Grump - The Back Door System

I'LL Be Your GAA Back Door Man

GAA change is on the money.

Computer Games, Smart Phones, Film Downloads, Internet, online banking,Twitter and Facebook. All make our lives fuller and fuller and fuller.

But are they really better than what we had?

Board Games, sending a letter, going to the cinema, reading a book, cash and having real friends!!

Are we better or worse for moving forward and progression? Yes, yes we move or die but what about tradition, what about heritage and history?

Round robin, Champions League format, abandon Provincial Championship altogether!!

Everyone wants to change our games - its not enough that football is barely recognisable in its current format as a game than it was even 30 years ago.

Yes, Yes it’s modern and it’s ‘the way of the world’ ‘adapt or die’ blah blah blah.

Some stuff even I accept but why o why did we have to change our Championship structures?

Was it really to give teams a better chance or was it money? Go on now guess, go on guess?

So what if you trained from January for one match – so did your da and your da’s da, and his da too!!

That’s what made it so mind numbingly painful to loose, that’s what made it so euphoric to win the bragging rights for another year.

Classics GAA Clashes into Controlled Robots

Anyone of a certain age knows exactly what I mean.

I watched the 1994 Ulster Championship first round match between  Derry and Down – unbelievably good match – full commitment, great skills, great scores, great tackling - it had everything. The two best teams in Ireland that year fearlessly battling out for a place in the second round in Ulster!!! (SEE IT IN OUR VIDEOS SECTION)

The contrast between the sides at the end of the game was, as you can expect stark, one looking at the real prospect of lifting Sam – which they did - and the other in utter dejection. Nothing could console Derry – and you know what – that’s the way it should be.

Watch this match - its in the gaa-dna video section and you will see hectic football from two teams that knew if we loose today thats it. Passion and pride - how often do we see that in our controlled, blanket defence, back door system?

Provincial Championships have lost their appeal as teams now plan on the premise that we will get another chance and if we get a good draw then we can win the All Ireland.

Our Provincial Championships were the blood of our games, the heritage and local rivalry that sustained us through barren years and lifted us when one finally came our way.

Now not only do we have the back door but they want to change that into a Champions League Format, Where does the Provincial Championship fit in now? – grow with the times my ass!!

The back door format fits perfectly with dieticians, psychologists, statisticians and strategists……………… Cold, efficient, calculated and all about money.



Here endith the grump.



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