GAA Fundraising Ideas U - Z


 (Down) Under day – with so many GAA members in Australia then celebrate all things Australian, hold a disco or BBQ and ask everyone to dress up like surfers or beach babes. Charge entry fee with Australian themed prizes etc..

University Challenge – Get members past and present from local schools to join in a quiz competition for prizes. Get them all to dress in school uniform and perhaps holds a school disco afterwards. Charge entry and give refreshments and prizes.


Variety show – Organise a fun filled musical, comedy show in your club or local pub. Charge admission and have raffles and prizes.


Walk – Organise a sponsored walk for the club. Again great for underage players and the whole family to take part in.

Wine tasting evening - spend an evening tasting fine wines. Ask attendees to pay an entry fee, provide wine, cheese and French bread free of charge. Try and get the wine donated or sponsored by off licences and bars.


Xfactor PartyVery popular event with GAA clubs. You will need 5/ 8 members willing to sing. Get local celebrities to do judges and charge for admission. Finish with a disco


Yoga marathon - only for the very supple!


Zombie Party Another theme party good around Halloween. Make the effort and have your club as goulish as possible.


GAA Fundraising Ideas U - Z


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