GAA Fundraising Ideas F - J


Fancy dress party - Organise a fancy dress themed night. Charge admission, provide entertainment and have a bar. Raffles and spot prizes provide added revenue.

50:50 club - get club members to donate €1 a month (by standing order if possible). Each month your club holds a draw when someone wins half the total raised. No licence is required - you just need to ensure at least half the money goes back into prize money. Obviously the more members sign up the better and everone has the same chance of winning.

Fun Day - hold a family fun day at your grounds. Include an It's a Knock Out style competition, tug of war, penalty kicks, long puck competition - any ideas you can think of. Provide refreshments and possibly charge admission.

Fun runs - organise your own club fun run - maybe in fancy dress -  you decide the venue and the distance. Try to get a local GAA personality to compete or start the event off. Organise your members and get sponsorship for each runner - why not incorporate the fun run with another event - maybe an evening dance.

€5 into €50 - Get members to sign up to taking €5 (of their own money) set a time limit (three months) to increase this by devising a money-generating activity. Ideas include selling buying produce; baking and selling cakes; backing the Derby winner; investing. Award prizes for the most ingenious idea. If 10 suceed you earn €500!!!

Fishing tournament - get sponsorship from local shops. Advertise and charge entry fee. Possibly link with local angling club for added publicity plus added expertise.


Go-karting - is there a track near you? organise sponsored laps. Pay entry fee and winner gets a prize! Very good for underage teams

Golf days - Many GAA clubs now organise their own golf day. This can cause quite a lot of headaches and needs to be properly organised. Approach local businesses to sponsor each tee and green on the course. Also make sure all tee times are taken on the day. Organise a presentation evening with a dance an auction and raffle to fully exploit the revenue possibilities. This can be a major fundraining event if organised properly.

Greek night - lay on Greek food, dress in togas with wine and dancing in your club premises. Be creative what other theme nights can you come up with..



Halloween party - hold a fancy dress party at your club premises. Ask for an entrance fee. Organise a DJ, spooky decorations and nibbles.

Head and tails auction - Great idea during a dinner dance. Get everyone to stand up and pass a bucket around collecting people's change (although encourage €5 notes). Everyone decides whether they're heads or tails by putting a hand on their head or their bottom. Flip a coin on stage and announce the results. Those who get it wrong sit down. Continue until only one person is left. Winner gets a prize.

Head shave - Organise a few brave seniors to loose the locks for the club. Organise sponsorship and this is also a great PR opportunity with local press.


It’s a Knockout
Organise an It’s a Knockout competition – fun for all the family. Either make it a sponsored event or pay to play.

Indoor games
Organise an indoor Olympics. Rain won’t stop play. How about you organise in your club premises and do darts, pool skittles dominos with prizes and raffles. Charge an entry fee for each competitor.


Jumble sales -Again good way of making money from members no longer wanted items. Can be incorporated with cake bake etc.

GAA Fundraising Ideas F - J
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