GAA Fundraising Ideas K - O


Karaoke nightAgain an old favourite but can generate a lot of money for GAA clubs. Make sure you charge entrance and have a raffle and prizes. How about organising teams for a competition?

Knockout darts or snooker tournament in your own club or at your local pub.


Local races and marathons - take advantage of any local races that are established in your area. Organise a group from your GAA club to take part, get sponsorship from each runner.

Line dancing - Always good for a laugh and a good nights craic. Charge for admission and don’t forget raffles and refreshments. You could even organise a line dance-athon. It could develop into a weekly fitness class – paid of course!!!

Lottery Without doubt many GAA clubs could not survive without regular club lottery money. Are you reaching all your potential members? Is someone actively selling in local bars and shops each week? It is important internally that your club makes those not selling their lotto accountable. It's important that you adhere to the government's regulations.

Litter pickingArea in your town need a facelift? Get your members organised and get yourselves sponsored on a mass litter pick afternoon and look after the local environment too. Good publicity also


Market stall Why not have a club pitch at your local market. Advertise it locally and among members. Sell unwanted items from your members.

Masterclasses Know someone who is good at something? Why not organise a small class to show other people how to do it? Charge people a fee to attained.

Mobile phone recyclingOrganise your GAA members to hand over old mobiles – guarantee everyone has one or two lying about – easy money.


Nearly new sale - Outgrown those jeans? Only worn something once? Why not organise an event to sell or swap your unwanted things with your members and friends? Set a price for every item – say €5, all money to your club

Netball tournamentCan be good fun and indoor. Organise mens v ladies matches and mixed games. What about a marathon game. To add an air of interest, why not play your matches in fancy dress too? Remember its pay to play.

Night at the racesHeld in your club or local pub. These can be great craic and a very good source of revenue. You will need to have a bookie to take bets and there are companies out there will supply the horse races and screens to show them.


Old gold Like mobile phones get your members to check for old and broken jewellery.

Odd job DayOrganise members and alert the local community that your GAA club is available to do all the horrible jobs they keep putting off – for a fee of course!!!

GAA Fundraising Ideas K - O
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