Raise Money for GAA Clubs - first steps

All GAA Clubs whether big or small face vast annual bills. From GAA Insurance fees, buying kits for up to twelve teams, premises upkeep to name but a few of the seemingly never-ending costs. Every penny a GAA club can raise is obviously vital to surviving in these tough times.

Having your GAA club organised for fund raising is the first step.

Each club should have a fundraising GAA sub committee within your club.

This sub committee should be chaired by a member of your full committee.

Approach enthusiastic outgoing members of your GAA club to join your committee.

Next decide a realistic total for the year.

Take into account the membership of your GAA club and the size of your catchment area?

Obviously the total amount this GAA fundraising committee wishes to raise will have an impact on your strategy.

A to Z of GAA Fundraising Ideas

GAA Fundraising Strategy

Basically the more you hope to raise the more people and time will be needed and much bigger events.

Manageable totals could require smaller events involving lots of participation by all members – including underage.

Once you have all the above in order – the difficult issue is finding something new and different that people will want to go and watch or partake in – not easy when you have thousands of GAA clubs all looking the same thing.

We have decided to supply a list of possibilities for clubs. We do not say they are all unique but maybe you will see something here that sparks an idea with you or possibly combine several ideas into a fun day.

A-Z of GAA Fundraising

See our A-Z of GAA Fundraising ideas down the right hands side of this page.

Hopefully they can help ignite ideas to bring extra money in these difficult times.

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