Who in GAA is on the menu?

If you had the opportunity to invite anyone from the GAA world, past or present to dinner, who would it be?

Legendary GAA players from the past? hard men? or intellectuals? Great Irishmen?



Need a few ideas? Why not scroll through our GAA History Timeline

for some ideas.

Maybe he talks too much!!!

No he definitely talks too much!!!!

We would love to know who in GAA would be on your GAA menu.

What about a few GAA Recipes for what to serve!!

Send Us Your GAA Guest List

So there are six of you at your GAA Dinner.

There is yourself obviously, and we want you to invite four people from the GAA world.

Just to make it more interesting invite one other person from outside the GAA.

It may be a sportsman or woman, an actor, writer, politician or even dictator!!!

With each person tell us in a few sentences why you would invite them and if you like a little detail of how all your guests would get on - that'll be fun!!!!!


Click on the contact us link below and email your choices to us.             

The best will make it up onto the site and there will be a GAA Prize for anyone making it onto the site - 

        HAPPY EATING!!

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