GAA Hurling Video featuring the great Christy Ring

This truly is a major piece of GAA history.

The great Christy Ring showing tips on all the skills of the game. A true master of his sport - a must for all players and supporters of the greatest game in the world.

The skills of Hurling


Ye young men of Ireland, who are anxious for hurling, A word of advice I will give unto ye,
Come down to Cork City to the athletic sports-field, And there you'll find Christy, the pride of the Lee.
'Tis he'll show you hurling like Finn or Cuchulainn, To the name of this hero proud memory clings,
From Galway to Dublin, from Beara to Malin, All Ireland is toasting the bold Christy Ring.
For lifting and striking and doubling like lightning, For point and goal scoring his praises we'll sing.
His hurling's most glorious, he's always victorious, He's Cork's darling hurler, the bold Christy Ring.
Great hurlers we've had all over the country,
Blackrock's Eudie Coughlan, Sean Og and John Quirke, Jack Lynch of Glen Rovers, the 'Barrs and the Redmonds,
And the brave lads from Carrig who never did shirk. Tipperary's Pat Stakelum, Bannon and Kenny,
The Rackards of Wexford and Galway's Mick King, John Keane from the Decies, Mick Mackey of Limerick, They all must give way to the bold Christy Ring.
In great hurling matches 'gainst Tipp. and Kilkenny,
'Gainst Galway and Dublin, 'gainst Wexford and Clare. 'Gainst Waterford, Limerick and all other counties,
Our hero was foremost, he never showed fear. Eight medals he now has, a record unbroken,
Of hurlers he now is surely the king.
So now all together, one last rousing chorus,
Three cheers for the maestro, the bold Christy Ring
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